What is Bolley?

Bolley provides a network-based optimisation of electric buses and charging infrastructure: what and where to be installed, when to be charged.

Our Solution

What do we do?

Bus service optimisation and determination of the number and type of e-buses, and charging stations.

Considering the attributes of current bus service (e.g. lines, timetables) and current charging units (e.g. trolley bus network).

The resilience of e-bus service to seasonal changes is guaranteed by considering stochastic impacts, such as temperature and travel demand.

Finding the network optimum considering different charging strategies and different bus types.

Charging strategies

  • at depot
  • daytime at stops
  • dynamic en-route

Bus types

  • diesel
  • hybrid
  • plug-in hybrid
  • battery electric
  • hydrogen fuel-cell
  • trolleybus

What do we offer?

Consultancy, network analysis, and modelling to the sponsors of public bus services, such as municipalities, public transport operators.

Electrification plan covering the bus fleet, charging infrastructure, charging plan, and schedule.

Various scenarios based on optimisation objectives, such as total cost, fleet size and charging power.

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Our Project

Electrification concept of bus line groups for the Centre of Budapest Transport (BKK) - Summer 2022

Serving a line either by trolleybus with batteries or pure electric bus. Considered aspects are: battery capacity, autonomous range of trolleybuses, existing catenary network, charging power, timetable charging deployment and vehicle purchase cost.


Bus or Trolley? Save millions, use Bolley!

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The same service quality is achieved with fewer electric buses.


Total savings on electrification with Bolley may exceed euro millions.


considering 5% electric bus fleet reduction.


Read our research papers, and listen to the speech of our founder!

Who are we?

A research team at the Department of Transport Technology and Economics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Electromobility and Modelling
Public Transport and Data Mining
System Development
Vehicle Engineer
Patrik HEGYI